The centre of maritime transport specialists training, LLC


The number of accidents happening with sea vessels with numerous human victims have increased dramatically over the latest decades. This fact has many reasons: defaulting operators who don’t pay proper attention to the technical status of the ships, lack of control and low requirements to  operating and maintenance of ships, incompetency of marine specialists.

This circumstance has drawn attention of the sea community and caused undertaking some steps to improve the situation. According to statistics the main reasons of the most accidents at sea are mistakes of people who manage the fleet from the shore (the management staff of navigational companies) and mistakes of the people aboard ships, so called “human factor”.

To improve safety of navigating the International Marine Organization adopted a number of important international conventions, resolutions, codes and recommendations directed to ensuring security of navigating and protection of the environment.

Thus, in 2000 the Maritime Training simulator was founded by the Captain Vladimir Vollovich, who cooperated with experienced and qualified staff, in Mariupol as it was one of the biggest ports in Ukraine. Its bridgehead was an old vessel which was equipped with mutual efforts and met all the requirements to be called  “a training vessel”. The training vessel “Smela” was considered to be one of the best ones in Ukraine, it provided seafarers with proper professional training. Some time later the Maritime Training Center was created on base of the training vessel and it occupies a certain water area, the fact that is favorable for proper training of seafarers in conditions which are close to real open sea ones.

The aim of our Center is to raise the safety of sailing by obligatory applying all uniform Standards while managing ships from the shore as well as in the process of operation them by the crew.

According to the requirements of the International Convention STCW -78/95 we offer “elementary working knowledge of proper rules and requirements of International Conventions concerning safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment” for the level of operating. For the level of management specialists can get proper “knowledge of standards of Marine law that can be found in the International Conventions and agreements”.

Since the date of its foundation our Center has been steadily broadening its training and teaching spheres of activity in the field of training and retraining of seafarers. Every year brings our seamen new opportunities to get knowledge and skills matching new rules, requirements and needs in marine navigating.

The activity of our Center offers a wide range of training courses according to International documents and requirements which supply seamen with proper qualification, professional training and also postdegree training for performing their duties aboard a ship.